Why You Should Shop At Carts N Crafts

As unique as they are charming, the items in our Carts N Crafts store are treasures just waiting to be discovered.  Here's why:

1. We hand select or personally create every item in our store.

2. We do not have anything in our shop that we would not use ourselves.

3. We visit thrift stores, antique shops, trade shows, estate sales, etc. regularly. Only the best of the best is included in our inventory. Once an item sells, it will not reappear in our inventory until we discover a similar item of top quality.

4. You never know what you will find in our shop. Visit often.

5. We value our customers. If you have something special on your wish list, let us know; we will keep our eyes open for it. Don’t be surprised if you receive a message that we found your elusive item!

6. We are constantly adapting and creating our own one of a kind products.

7. Fast Shipping—Our items are ready to ship before they are listed on our site. For that reason, we are able to mail quickly, and you receive your packages right away.

8. You will receive special coupon codes, giveaways, and free project ideas by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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